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I am looking for any descendents of Slovenian immigrants settling in or around Humboldt in early 1900s. Majbe there is some descendent of Leopold Knafeljc who could remember any other Slovenians homesteading around Humboldt and Watson.

Knafeljc  Cvetka Kocjancic  Toronto

Edward Olav Mork Torgerson born 1875 Bronnoy Norway married 1897 Nikka Jorgine Martinussen born 1875.  Children: August Petterson born 1892, Wilma Oskara Sofie born 1902, Einar Angel Dahl born 1904, Magnel born ca. 1910, Annie born ca. 1912 og Borgnild born ca. 1915.  They lived in Humboldt in 1916.  Do you know them?  I have information about them in Norway and would like info on them in Canada.

Margaret Miller   952-891-1466

If anyone has information regarding Mary Thoms who lived in Humboldt as of 2002. She was born in the Vonda District on 9 Oct 1911. I'm sure she has passed away by now but any information would be helpful.

Christine Sheen  403-223-7468  Taber, Alberta

Hi there, I hope someone can help me out here. I am looking for some information on my grandmother Mrs. Edith Mildred Mallen. She passed away in 1967. Her funeral services were held July 7th at the Anglican Church in Humboldt with her burial in the Humboldt Public Cemetery. Rev. Creighton from Watson officiated the services and the pallbearers were (Hugh Sutherland, Joe Kirsinger, Roy Lowe, Claude Bennett, Ted Goodrich and Arrin Boak) Scharf's Funeral Home were in care of the services. I am more so looking for information on my grandfather who passed away in 1959. Unfortunately my mother and I reunited but never had the opportunity to discuss her family much before she was suddenly killed on a crosswalk here in Winnipeg. Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards, Richard Carlisle

I am Looking for someone: Mr. Aristide Guillaume Madiba (mutual friend, Josiane Haul, Isabelle Elouga) Last time I heard was Canada.

Clairette Laure Mafouomene e-mail:

To Whom it may Concern:
I have been looking for some information concerning some family history. I'm going to send you a bit of information about my family.
My grandfather's name was Fred Pantella, his wife was Mary. Both of them came over from an old country in the Ukraine. This would be around the early part of the 20th century around 1900-1918. They settled in a small community in Saskatchewan called Dana. It could still be existing to date. Both of them had a number of children together, I believe, 8 all together with one being a boy. I would like to know the cemetery that Michael (their son) was buried as well. Any information would be gratefully appreciated as my sister Lorraine and I are starting up a family history book with the information that you may want to send me.

Sharon LaCroix
Clinton, ON

I am Looking for someone, Barbara Benson (may be married)
Age approx early 50's address used to be something like po box 244 humboldt sask was my childhood penpal for many years. I live in England, lost touch about 35 years ago.  Her dad may possibly have been a prison officer.

Bernadette O'Donnell


I am looking for the present day whereabouts of Mr Walter Romachenko , he has lived in Humboldt his whole life. He is approximately 56 years old and lived on 6th Street last I knew of. I am looking for his post office box # to write him.

Hey, my name is Susanne, and I have relatives over there. I live in Germany ,Bad Iburg, and find your web site very informative ! Best Wishes, Susanne


i used to live in humboldt way back i wanna know is cody steir and jesse bells are still around my name is ren i moved from there in grade 6

I am Looking for someone Miss. Sandra Boca She is Grenadian born from Boca and when I last spoke to  her she was lived in Toronto Canada

I am looking for anyone with  knowledge or connections to my Grandfather's brother, Henry Arp and family. He went to Humboldt/Pilger, Saskatchewan from North Dakota/South Dakota, USA in l906/07.  There were 8 children at that time: Richard, John, Claus, Anna, Annie, Alma, Henrey, Tillie. Ben was later born in Canada. Need to connect with any current surviving relative.

Woodrow Arp

We are looking for Kristen Dale who is 20 years old and from Humboldt. If you know her or where she is living can you please e-mail us of her whereabouts

claudia Burgos

I am looking for descendants of Fred McDougall and his wife Priscilla.  They came to the Humboldt region in 1904 from Illinois.  They later lived in Nokomis and by 1920 had moved to California.  Their children were William Samuel, Lillian, Anna, Fred Jr., Cliff and Harrison.  William, Fred and Cliff farmed in the region according to homestead records.  If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate hearing from them.

Eileen Morrison

I'm looking for Vashini Vakeesan coz she still hasn't replied to my email. She definately lives in Humboldt. If you know her, tell her to email me


I am Looking for someone, LaJoyce H. DuPlayee. I am doing family history. My grandfather has Humboldt listed as his birthplace-Feb 24, 1894. His father was Harmon DuPlayee and his mothers maiden name was Antionette Baiaee.  Any family history would be appreciated as we know nothing about our history.

Linda S. Brandner
Medford, Wisconsin, USA  54451



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